André Rennies

 Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
 Head of Production

After graduating from high school, I did my basic military service with the German air force and then trained as an energy electronics technician specialising in operating technology. By deciding to do an apprenticeship first, I was able to gain my first practical experience early on. Afterwards, I further deepened my knowledge during my studies in the field of electrical and communication engineering. In January 2004, I finally started my professional life as a process engineer at Bosch, and in the further course of my career I have held various management positions at different locations and in different divisions of the Bosch Group in Germany and abroad. Until then, my focus was on the automotive sector, industrial goods and the production environment.

After a three-year professional assignment abroad as a technical manager in Hungary, I decided to leave the Bosch world in 2018 and join a medium-sized company, again based in the automotive sector, as Director of Operations. My primary goal in this job was to restructure the production and set it up efficiently. Since November 2020, I have been responsible for production at Meyer Seals as a divisional manager and am responsible for the production areas at the site in Alfeld (Leine) and in Limmer (Alfeld). My core tasks include the continuous optimisation of production processes, the developing the management structure including shop floor management and the introduction of lean management methods.

Meyer Seals, with its combination of years of experience and openness to change, offers me great potential and the opportunity to further optimise and constantly improve the existing system. The topic of sustainability is also always in the foreground. Through openness and the trust placed in us from the beginning, but also personal responsibility, a foundation stone and basis for solution-oriented work is laid.

The slightly different questions:

  • What decision would you reverse if you had the choice?
    I would not change or undo anything in my life. Every action has a consequence - both positive and negative. From my point of view, this is also what makes for diversity and thus allows us to learn with every decision. It is up to each person to decide how to incorporate what they have learned and the experience they have gained into the next sequences.

  • Which dream / wish would you absolutely like to fulfil?I would like to buy a flat or a small house with a view of the sea.This place must be accessible within a few hours so that it can be enjoyed outside the holiday season.