Philipp Schepper

 B. Eng.
 Managing Director Thailand

I realised very early on that I could and would most profitably contribute my skills and knowledge in the technical field. For this reason, I decided to study for a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering as a basis for my further career. I built up further in-depth know-how during my 10 years of self-employment in the motor vehicle trade. Even during this job, I toyed with the idea of continuing my professional career in a country other than Germany. Since I was always fascinated by Thailand, I learned the language on my own and wanted to lay another foundation stone for a professional future.

In 2015, I got the chance to start as Technical Manager for the Thai plant at Meyer Seals. In this position, I was responsible for overseeing the construction of our foam extruder as well as starting the first PE foam production in Thailand and thus further expanding the plant. In addition, I succeeded in establishing a new printing process in the company and thus generating further business areas for Meyer Seals. In 2018, I then took over overall responsibility for the Thai plant as Managing Director. Throughout this time, together as a team, we have always managed to improve our processes and continue to grow. I am proud to have established Meyer Seals Asia so far in the market with the Thai team and the close cooperation with the German location, so that a move to a large plant is even planned for the end of 2022. I am looking forward to this new challenge and to the other projects that await me in the company.

Furthermore, what excites me most about Meyer Seals, besides a crisis-proof business model, are the constant investment projects and the rapid opportunities for advancement. As a medium-sized and family-oriented company, Meyer Seals stands for low bureaucracy, short decision-making processes and transparent communication at all levels.

The slightly different questions:

  • What decision would you reverse if you had the choice?
    If I could undo anything, it would be the structural conditions in the Meyer Seals factories. I will even manage to do this at the Thai location with the move planned in 2022.

  • Which dream / wish would you absolutely like to fulfil?
    As a motor sports enthusiast, I wish to win the Jetski World Cup held in Thailand. I find the sport particularly varied, because in addition to driving skills and physical fitness, engineering skills and craftsmanship are also required.