Christina Pollmann

HR Business Partner

HR Management

I joined Meyer Seals as a personnel officer in April 2018. Prior to that, I completed a master’s degree in economics, psychology, and management. From the very beginning of my studies, it was clear that I ultimately wanted to work in human resources. The position advertised by Meyer Seals came at just the right time. What was special about the vacancy advertisement was that it explicitly sought young professionals for the position of personnel officer. This is rather unusual when you look at other companies and it became quickly apparent to me that Meyer Seals has a somewhat different, open, and very refreshing way of filling its posts. The image of the successful applicant is not set in stone; instead, each candidate is given the opportunity to prove him or herself and convince the company that he or she is the right person for the job. Meyer Seals therefore focuses more on the attitude of the ideal candidate, as well as their commitment and how they fit into the company.

But it is not only in the field of recruitment that Meyer Seals takes a rather different and - in my view - highly innovative approach. If you think that you must be in the company for a certain amount of time before you can take on responsible projects, even across departments, this is not the case. Every colleague who demonstrates commitment and enjoys making a difference has the chance to do so from the outset at Meyer Seals. Every employee naturally receives the necessary training first, but when someone demonstrates a special interest in certain areas during their induction phase, the managers take this very seriously and are quick to optimally support an individual’s existing strengths and interests. I was therefore appointed to the position of training manager after a very short time with the company, which allowed me to expand the scope of my role. And in 2021, I was given the opportunity of taking on the newly created role of HR Business Partner. This means that I now report directly to the management, and I am the point of contact for managers and employees in the fields of recruitment, personnel marketing, and training.

During the induction phase, it is particularly important to Meyer Seals that every new employee is given a very good insight into the different areas of the company. For example, the training programme of every member of staff in the administration department also includes a period in production. The rule here is: experienced one time is generally better than explained ten times. A great deal of emphasis is also placed on everyone gaining an overall perspective and understanding of what Meyer Seals is all about - good, close cooperation between the departments.

I am often asked by friends, family, and acquaintances, not least because of my position, what makes Meyer Seals an appealing company for applicants. To sum up, my usual answer is:
Meyer Seals is a family-run company that likes to take unusual approaches and that gives opportunities and prospects to anyone who is committed and passionate about their work and wants to achieve something.