Dennis Hoppe

Strategic Purchaser


I started my training in industrial business administration at Meyer Seals in 2011. I have been working in purchasing ever since, successfully completing my degree, and in 2017
I completed further training to become a “specialist buyer for purchasing & logistics”. From the outset, colleagues helped strengthen my own efforts to complete the course to the best of my abilities. Thanks to the various opportunities in different areas and with further training and development at Meyer Seals, I can sum up by saying that personal development is always a focus and is supported by the company. You are given the freedom to develop yourself and grow your own career.

The most enjoyable part of working in purchasing at Meyer Seals are exciting and varied tasks that are closely related to product development. Thanks to the unique characteristics of our products, speciality goods that are also in demand and must be procured by purchasing. This frequently includes new film composites, which we develop in a project team together with our supplier. When it comes to developing solutions, the company does not put the brakes on the individual's own ideas and strategies but encourages them. The short decision-making channels are also an advantage, for example in value proposition negotiations. The procurement team work very well together with other departments which from a purchasing perspective it is very fulfilling, the exchange with sales and development is particularly important and this cooperation is especially enjoyable.

Furthermore, there is a great team spirit at Meyer Seals. You can always rely on your colleagues. People help each other when problems arise. Solutions to problems are mutually evaluated, resolutions developed and implemented with the respective manager. Also highly motivating is the cooperation that takes place between departments to achieve common goals.