Fatmir Arifaj

Shift Manager

Foam Extrusion

I have been employed as a machine operator at Meyer Seals since April 2015. After briefly changing job for two months - a decision that I made for myself – I have been back with the company again since May 2018. I get a real buzz from standing in front of the machinery, seeing the finished product at the end, and then being able to say: “I made that!” I really appreciate the fact that leaving the company did not result in any negativity. Rather, my work has always been appreciated and some colleagues even pressed to get me to come back. At Meyer Seals, all employees are always treated fairly, and open communication is a priority.

In my opinion, what makes Meyer Seals so special is that everyone treats each other with respect and helps each other. The company not only takes good care of its employees, it also gives them the opportunity to further develop themselves. And it also looks after the environment. As an employee in foam extrusion, I am responsible for areas including our plastics recycling. What I find particularly fascinating about this is that we are responsible for ensuring that newly produced plastic foam also consists in part of material that we have recycled. 

I came back to Meyer Seals because I have better prospects for further development here. For example, I aspired to the role of shift supervisor which I now perform, and I have also been offered several further training courses. And the machinery in use at Meyer Seals also gives you extensive opportunities when it comes to personal development. You can get heavily involved in a range of different production processes, and if you do well you will be valued as an expert and consulted when questions arise. In the foam extrusion department where I work, it is important to master different tasks because versatility can make you an all-rounder.

There is great team spirit at Meyer Seals and the company supports you when problems arise. As a motivated and ambitious person, I have been given opportunities to develop in my preferred areas relatively quickly. I also appreciate how the company gives you the freedom to solve problems independently and develop your own strategies for doing so.