Florian Frost

Machine Operator


I have been employed as a machine operator at Meyer Seals since 1st August 2012. Initially, I started on machine 26 and then switched to inline. Following that, I changed production location and have been working in Alfeld-Limmer ever since. Initially, I was trained there as a calibrator. However, I also trained alongside my work to become an industrial foreman in metal, after which I was appointed deputy shift supervisor. It has been much easier to take over the position of shift leader due to the many training courses I have received and the support from Meyer Seals. This is because I am not only able to work with flexibility, but I have also become familiar with many areas, and I can therefore serve as the point of contact if issues or problems arise. My internal and external training has therefore created a good basis for my present role.

At Meyer Seals, people come together and support each other when problems occur. The managers always treat the employees fairly and they are always available to listen. There is also a pleasant working atmosphere across the departments, and everyone helps each other where they can. I am also able to actively contribute to this in my role as deputy shift leader where I have an influence on the communication culture in the company, which is particularly appealing to me. The work is also varied and interesting, due to the wide range of products. When I perform my role as deputy shift leader, I am responsible in all areas of production at the Limmer site, which means that I can make a significant contribution to the success of the company. Giving me the opportunity to take on this responsibility is a further point that sets Meyer Seals apart.

The company offers its employees plenty of opportunities to develop and progress. I am a rather good example of this, because I worked my way up from machine operator to industrial foreman in metal and then to deputy shift foreman. Whenever an employee wishes to further develop themselves, they are always supported in this, be it financially or with advice. In this regard, your school leaver’s qualifications or previous experience are not the primary focus. What matters to the company is your desire and willingness to act. Colleagues are never pressed into anything, but there are opportunities to develop freely depending on personal preferences. Even if you find that your current position does not suit you, you can discuss this and find a common solution to the issue.