Huy Nguyen

IT Project Staff


After applying for a machine operator role as a temporary position until I started my degree, the opportunity subsequently arose to do an internship at Meyer Seals after some time spent working in production. This internship in the field of IT ultimately convinced me to pursue a course in the same direction. After completing the internship, I was offered a dual study programme in information systems. This really impressed me because it was entirely unplanned and took me by surprise. Meyer Seals was not actually seeking a dual student in this field. That is how I became the first Meyer Seals dual student to major in information systems.

After originally envisaging an opportunity to bridge the gap before starting my studies, Meyer Seals became an employer for me that is not only fair, but that also supports me in my personal development. This was clearly apparent during the further course of my studies. From the very outset my ideas have been taken on board and I have been able to actively participate in decision-making processes. It did not matter to the company that I was initially a dual student and still in training. I also find the working atmosphere very agreeable, and it is a pleasure to work here - every voice is heard, and all employees are supported in what they wish to achieve.

I really enjoy making the most of the additional services on offer from the company, such as the gym membership, whilst the “Health Passport” bonus programme is an excellent incentive for every employee to stay fit and healthy.

But what I appreciate most at Meyer Seals is the freedom I have in organising my work and dealing with my tasks. Even during my studies, I was able to design and implement challenging projects independently. I was also given the opportunity to gain a general overview of the company through assignment to the various departments, although the tasks in each area were always related to my information systems studies. Further major plus points are the opportunities for development and the way in which the company promotes a sense of responsibility; be it on a personal level or with respect to environmental protection. The company is highly flexible and willing to compromise when it comes to each individual career. Requests for further training are welcomed and implemented wherever possible.