Holger Wingerter

Head of Maintenance


Following my training as a metal worker and subsequent further training as an industrial foreman, I was responsible for the areas of production, assembly, and construction in a medium-sized fabrication company. After working there for 10 years, I changed employer and became a maintenance technician. I completed further training in business administration at the same time and took over management of the maintenance division after two years. In 2017, I once again experienced a strong desire to seek new challenges with a different company, which is why I joined Meyer Seals during that year. In this role, I was responsible for managing the maintenance of both production sites in Alfeld.

Despite my background and previous knowledge, I am still constantly facing new challenges in my work. The special machines in particular make working at Meyer Seals especially exciting and challenging. In 2019, I was given the opportunity to take over the production management of the two sites. Once in this position, I discovered that the field of maintenance and the tasks associated with it are much more reflective of my strengths. For this reason, the company and I have mutually decided that I will return to the maintenance management position, where I will be able to optimally apply my personal skills and knowledge. However, as a production manager I was able to acquire additional expertise in an entirely different field, which has allowed me to expand my skill set for and through the company. I am therefore now also responsible for other exciting and challenging projects, in addition to my role as maintenance manager and the tasks associated with this.

Considering my experience over the past few years, I consider Meyer Seals to be an employer with clearly formulated goals, short communication and decision-making channels, direct feedback, and the desire to achieve the best results together as a team. The values that Meyer Seals represents include customer orientation, appreciation, reliability, team spirit and innovation. And above all, these values - which also match my own ideals - make this company special and unique for me. In my daily work, I experience decisions that have to be made quickly to ensure the smooth production of our products and to solve any problems that arise. I particularly enjoy the exchange with colleagues from the technical team and collaborating to find solutions.

My goals for the future are therefore to be able to continue reflecting on my personal and professional past with pleasure and satisfaction, and to make plans. Meyer Seals offers me the perfect environment for this, and I am looking forward to the further challenges that await me.