Mike Koppenhagen

Machine Operator


I have been a machine operator at Meyer Seals since 2017 and I have been operating one of our newest machines - the ALKOvent system - since 2018. I was offered a permanent contract as soon as my probationary period came to an end, and I signed it immediately. At Meyer Seals, the employees work completely independently as soon as they complete the extensive training programme, which means taking direct responsibility for a production process. The personnel are not tied to a single machine in this area and can switch repeatedly between the machines they have been trained on, and even train on new machines. Day-to-day work at Meyer Seals is therefore always varied and stimulating. Furthermore, the processes sometimes differ greatly, which allows company employees to learn new skills and gain new experience all the time.

What I enjoy most is being able to work independently in my role and I really value how much the work varies. I also like the requirement to stick to specifications and guidelines, as well as performing parameter controls. This ensures structure and consistently high product quality, which is especially important in the role of machine operator. It also means that there are clear guidelines that indicate whether you are doing a good job - even without specific feedback from someone else, because at Meyer Seals we ultimately always focus on manufacturing the product in the best possible way.

Meyer Seals offers its employees extensive benefits, including free gym membership and a health bonus. The structure at Meyer Seals is excellent and it facilitates a rapid respond if questions or problems arise, because the employees know who is responsible and can approach them directly. And even if this is not clear, everyone is willing to help, which makes problem-solving quick and easy.

The team spirit here is outstanding, colleagues are always willing to help and support each other. The same applies to shift management. Everything is organised - and if you have any questions someone is always there to advise and assist you. I can always rely on the team. There are also many further training opportunities at Meyer Seals, which is why I am planning to take a course soon and learn about new areas. The employees are always supported by the management when it comes to their further development plans.