Hermann Meyer establishes a cork goods factory at Sedanstrasse 7 in Alfeld, Hanover.


Hermann Meyer designs a cork cutting machine for producing round and pointed bottle corks, which revolutionises the cork processing industry. The device achieves unimagined cutting fineness and dimensional accuracy, and is patented in 1888. The daily production capacity increases fivefold to 15,000 units.


Hermann Meyer establishes an unrivalled status around the world with a further invention: The company founder constructs a machine with which wafer-thin cork paper (1/20 mm) can be cut from cork bark. The product is procured by the cigarette industry in Europe and overseas.


The Alfelder Korkwarenfabrik builds a new factory at the site of its present headquarters in Hildesheimer Strasse. Production starts with over 60 employees. 25 new special machines - most of which are internally designed - are put into operation for the growing cork paper production alone.


A generational change takes place when company founder Hermann Meyer retires from the management. Sons Karl, Willy and Richard Meyer become responsible for the factory with its 120 employees.


Hermann Meyer, company founder, inventor and owner of numerous patents passes away at the age of 85.


The third generation enters the company in the form of the founder's grandson Burghard Meyer, son of Karl Meyer.


The production of corks is abandoned. Fundamental restructuring of production has taken place two years prior to this. Punching machines are now used exclusively to produce sealing inserts for aluminium and plastic closures.


The first system for the production of PE foam is put into operation.


The company is acquired by three private investors.


Due to rising demand, the company establishes its own department for the production of reeled goods. A third production line is commissioned, doubling the extrusion capacity.


A second factory is built in Alfeld-Limmer, exclusively for the production of reeled goods.


Meyer Seals® responds to the steadily increasing demand for sealing inserts with the installation of a further extrusion line and increases capacity by 25 percent.


Meyer Seals® Asia commences production in Thailand. Production takes place for the filling industries active on the Asian market in the agrochemical, engine oil and food sectors.


The final expansion stage of the headquarters in Alfeld consolidates all operational processes under one roof and optimises material flow, logistics and air conditioning. State-of-the-art technology is installed to minimise non-recyclable production waste.


The production area at the Limmer site is expanded by 2,400 square metres with a state-of-the-art hall, to further automate the production processes.


A Meyer Seals® distribution office is established in Shanghai, China, for further expansion in the Chinese market.


A foam extrusion plant is constructed in Thailand. The production site, which has now grown to over 45 employees, supplies the entire Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East with an extensive range of products. Rapid regional delivery times and German production standards contribute to the high success of Meyer Seals® Asia.


Meyer Seals® acquires all company shares from the previous minority shareholders and is now solely owned by the shareholder family that has invested since 1988.


Due to the continuing high demand, additional PE/PP foam capacities are installed at the headquarters in Alfeld.


Introduction of a sustainability programme and certification by EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme).


Acquisition of a new 17,000 square metre plot of land in the industrial area of Chon Buri in Thailand to expand the Asian site and increase flexibility.