Sven Klein

 Technical Manager, Head of R&D

After graduating from high school in Bremerhaven, I studied physics in Kaiserslautern. I then completed 9 months of additional training to become a quality manager with a focus on the application of various quality assurance methods in the different functional areas of a company. I gained my first professional experience as a quality manager at an automotive supplier for foam composites in the automotive sector and as a laboratory manager in cigarette and capacitor paper production.

The knowledge gained from both the plastics and paper industries was a very good basis for joining Meyer Seals as Quality Manager on 01/10/1996. Initially, my main tasks were to further develop the quality management system, to expand the quality control system and to introduce quality assurance methods in production. This gave me a great deal of process knowledge in the manufacture of our products, which meant that I was appointed Technical Manager in August 2000. Today, I am responsible for the maintenance area, the management of all technical project staff and our R&D team in the laboratory as well as the technical support of the technical manager at our site in Thailand.

Due to the optimisation and further development of the various, versatile production techniques as well as the constant increase in quality consistency and the degree of automation, there are always new, varied and exciting challenges at Meyer Seals. The expansion of our production facilities in Alfeld (Leine) with the addition of a film warehouse with workshops and social rooms, as well as in Limmer (Alfeld) with the construction of a new production hall, show that Meyer Seals is looking to the future and is capable of change. This ability is needed to work with new products and with newly developed production techniques and to further increase the level of automation.

Looking back, I can say that it was never boring at Meyer Seals over the last 25 years. There were always new challenges and there was always investment in new products and new plants, which were successfully implemented with a great Meyer Seals team, so that I too am still enthusiastically involved in this team.

From my point of view, Meyer Seals is therefore innovative, regularly invests in new production machinery and covers the entire spectrum for sealing materials in the closure sector. An international sales team ensures that our products are sold on all continents of the world. The cooperation with colleagues from the different countries is also always enriching for me.

The slightly different questions:

  • What decision would you reverse if you had the choice?
    I would no longer build a production facility in Limmer (Alfeld), and I would not acquire the land with the slope at all. Instead, I would have looked for the closest flat space that would allow the entire company to be united in one location.

  • Which dream / wish would you absolutely like to fulfil?
    If I ever have a lot of time, I would like to travel around Europe on a boat with my wife.