Elena Adler

Customer Service Manager


My first experience with Meyer Seals was in 1997, when I worked at the company for a three-week internship in year nine. I learned a lot in the individual departments at that time, as a 15-year-old. I was warmly welcomed to the team as an intern and the working atmosphere was friendly; also, when I switched between departments. I was given very detailed explanations of the individual tasks and I discovered a desire to train in industrial business administration. In 1999, I pursued this further with the help of Meyer Seals and I have been part of an international sales team since graduating in 2002.

My work in sales and export gives me the opportunity to use my German and English language skills, as well as my native Russian. I communicate in the different languages almost daily and deal with different clients around the world as part of my job. I particularly enjoy supporting clients from a wide range of industries and this consistently results in exciting new challenges. For example, you must consider and adhere to the different requirements for a sealing insert for instant coffee and a sealing insert for a chemical. It is therefore not unusual for the sales department to work very closely with the development department on solutions for our customers. Communication within the company is very straightforward thanks to the proximity of the departments.

I enjoy the opportunity to exercise regularly and more frequently due to the cooperation with the Workout gym. I feel that this demonstrates the appreciation Meyer Seals has for its employees, which is also reflected in the numerous information events, training courses and outstanding company parties.

But what I have always valued most about Meyer Seals is the opportunity to further develop myself. Everyone who wants to contribute ideas has the chance to put them forward. Employees who wish to achieve more are generally supported in this endeavour at Meyer Seals. That is why I have now also taken over responsibility for some of our key accounts. As soon as you demonstrate interest, motivation and commitment, every opportunity is open to you at Meyer Seals.