Tanja Reifschneider

Production Worker

Quality Control

I began working at Meyer Seals as a packaging employee back in 2011. Before that, my priority was my role as a mother. Two years after joining Meyer Seals, I completed a retraining course to become a process mechanic in the field of plastics and rubber, which lasted two years. What was special in this regard was that Meyer Seals approached me and offered me the opportunity to further develop myself with this course, as part of an advanced training programme. This is not something that you can simply expect, and I was a little surprised at first, but the decision itself was very easy. I am very happy that Meyer Seals identified my potential, and the company continues to support me in my further development today.

After successfully completing the final examination and achieving one of the highest marks in the class, I was awarded a permanent contract. Following further training and after gaining a position as a machine operator, in 2018 I went on to train in quality control in parallel to my work, and I still perform this additional function today. Although the path was not always easy for me, I am very happy that I took it.

Employees can take advantage of a range of additional benefits at Meyer Seals, such as various health management offers. Alongside the added benefits provided, it was also through health management that the company purchased standing and lifting aids and introduced a new lighting concept in the production area, which makes our work easier. The company also hosts outstanding events, where colleagues can chat with staff members from other departments.

What I appreciate most about Meyer Seals is the good earning and promotion opportunities, and that fact that the company takes personal circumstances into account. Everyone who wishes to further develop themselves is given the chance to do so. The company was not concerned that my German was not yet perfect, and my role as a mother has always been considered. Meyer Seals has given me the opportunity to build a good life for myself and my family and I am very grateful for that. I have always been supported with further training opportunities and my desire to advance my career, so I can say that I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve, and I am open to what the future holds.