Martina Hase

Administrative Assistant


I began working at Meyer Seals in August 1982 and I have therefore been with the company for over 30 years now. During this time, I have witnessed many changes in the company. Of course, this also includes changes to my own professional career. During this time, I have been on maternity leave twice and I now work part-time to allow me to continue taking care of my family. I worked in purchasing until the end of 2012 and have been on reception at Meyer Seals since 1st January 2013. Unfortunately, because I work independently and my role is an interface position consisting of many different aspects, not everyone realises just how much takes place at reception. This means that I am occasionally somewhat under-appreciated, although this does not detract from the friendly working atmosphere.

Meyer Seals is a very family-friendly company with flexible working hours, so employees can readily combine family and career. Furthermore, the company offers numerous additional benefits such as the health pass and seminars. I really value the free gym membership, and the annual summer parties and Christmas festivities are a definite highlight for me, because they give everyone the opportunity to get to know an entirely different side of their colleagues.

I am the first face people see when they arrive at Meyer Seals in the morning and I take care of any visitor concerns that come up, whilst also making sure that communication between the departments is seamless. My role includes transferring calls, logging invoices, and managing the appointments between contact partners and visitors. This gives me an overview of different departments and their employees and means that I am in touch with different colleagues daily. It is precisely this aspect that makes the job particularly stimulating and varied.

Team spirit is very important at Meyer Seals, and we tend to laugh a lot together. The working atmosphere is relaxed, and the work is enjoyable. Many different people are in contact with Meyer Seals and therefore also with me. This leads to interesting conversations with a variety of individuals from different areas, such as the couriers, suppliers, fitters, and even visitors and callers. People exchange friendly words with each other every day at Meyer Seals.