René Stelzer Scholz

Warehouse Manager


I joined Meyer Seals in the warehouse in 2012 and completed my logistics master's degree at the beginning of 2013. Shortly afterwards, I was given the opportunity to manage the logistics area at the Limmer (Alfeld) site as warehouse manager. However, once in the role, I realised that it was not the right post for me. After discussing this with my manager, I was moved back to operational dispatch and continued working there. Working in dispatch, I was able to pay special attention to load securing. This is a particular concern for me personally because our products should always reach the customer intact. I went on to assume overall responsibility for the field of load securing and trained other colleagues in this area.

In 2018, I moved to the work preparation department, where I was assigned to billing and planning. What I enjoyed most here was the flexibility and structural adaptability. It meant I had the opportunity to freely develop and to decisively advance the company. The knowledge I had gained from the different areas gave me the opportunity to further develop internally, and I have been assistant to the logistics manager since June 2021. I implement a variety of logistics projects in this role, and manage the warehouse in Alfeld. I am very grateful for the trust Meyer Seals has placed in me. Although this position would not have been the right one for me at an earlier stage, following my continued development I am now satisfied that I can take on and perform this role.

I have found the work-life balance very good at Meyer Seals, where my working hours consider the fact that I have had my daughter living with me part-time since my separation in 2014. During the COVID crisis, for example, Meyer Seals allowed me to work from home, which meant that I could take care of my daughter at the same time. The health-related benefits such as free gym membership and company events and festivities are a bonus. I also appreciate the value the company places on the town of Alfeld, because it strengthens the structure of the rural region as a global player and one of the largest employers in the area. Furthermore, the team spirit is strong within the company, which creates even greater motivation.

Meyer Seals provides numerous opportunities for personal development. Colleagues are offered further education, training and study courses and the company also supports the realisation of these plans, for example by covering the costs. Induction is also extremely diligent and well-structured with training schedules. To sum up, I have a very positive view of my development here, because open interaction also means you can take an effective step backwards without difficulty if you realise that your current role does not suit you. These are all reasons why I continue to see my future with this company.