Heiko zum Berge

 B. Sc.
 Head of IT and Production Planning

My professional career began directly at Meyer Seals. After my extended secondary school diploma, I started my training as an industrial clerk in 2007 and successfully completed it in 2010. Afterwards, I was taken on as a commercial clerk in my desired “IT” department. Even during my apprenticeship, I had fun and was ambitious enough to question internal business processes, contribute to changes and try to create solutions to simplify activities with my IT-technical knowledge at the time. Due to my knowledge from the different departments and my IT affinity, I was able to “see the big picture” at Meyer Seals and as an interface key user during the integration of a new ERP system, I was able to use this knowledge in a valuable way.

In order to further deepen my built-up commercial knowledge and interests in connection with IT-supported systems, I completed a part-time degree course in business informatics from 2015 to 2019, which was actively supported by Meyer Seals. While I was still studying and working full-time at Meyer Seals, I was offered the position of “IT Project Manager” in 2018. At that time, one focus was on the further development/implementation of IT systems along the entire supply chain. Since 2019, I have been working as head of the IT department and now have overall responsibility in this area. 

In 2020, I was then able to take another step in my personal development at Meyer Seals and, in addition to being Head of IT, I also took over as Head of Production Planning. Due to the close link between digital production/machine data acquisition, production planning and the IT-supported systems, I have also been responsible for internal production controlling since 2021.

What I particularly like about Meyer Seals is the very pleasant working atmosphere, the short coordination channels and the quick reactions due to flat hierarchies. The openness and willingness to invest in new IT technologies and the associated continuous further development as well as safeguarding the future of Meyer Seals always offer new exciting and varied challenges. The successful implementation of cross-departmental projects also continuously demonstrates the good cooperation within the entire Meyer Seals team. The individual professional development opportunities are also a great feature for me. At Meyer Seals, the different personalities, skills and experiences of all employees, through characteristics such as trust, enthusiasm, team spirit, respect and transparency, are jointly responsible for the company's success.

The slightly different questions:

  • If you could change one thing in the world: What would that be?I would like to see no more wars and poverty in the world.

  • What places would you still like to visit in your life?As I am still young and love to travel, the list of places/countries to visit is long and varied. Essentially, I want to get to know many different cultures, ways of life and landscapes.