Peter Rothweiler

Managing Director
 Technology, R&D

After graduating from high school and a 9-month stay in Latin America, I first studied Business Administration. The chosen focus on International Trade/Economics allowed me to combine business administration and foreign languages and formed the first pillar for the job I wanted to do in international sales of products requiring explanation. Following my strong technical affinity, I went on to pursue postgraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering.

It was with great pleasure that I completed a 6-month industrial internship (Siemens) in preparation for the theoretical part at university. I was allowed to learn all forms of metalworking during this time and later apply these skills in production. As part of my final thesis, I was entrusted with an investment project in the chemical industry (Ciba-Geigy) and was able to apply business and technical knowledge in combination. Numerous stays abroad, including language courses in England, France and Italy, round off my profile.

After working in global sales for medium-sized market leaders in the areas of cash register systems and packaging, I joined Meyer Seals in 1995. Initially responsible for sales outside German borders, I took over overall responsibility for all sales activities in 1998. Since 2003, I have been responsible for the areas of Technology, Sales and R&D as Managing Director. 

Our customers all over the world, a demanding product and working in a good team still make me very happy to work on the further development of the “Hidden champion” Meyer Seals.

The slightly different questions:

  • If you could change one thing in the world: What would that be?
    A global togetherness for the benefit of all future generations.

  • What places would you still like to visit in your life?
    From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego by motorbike.
    A month of hiking as far away from civilisation as possible.