Stefan Lorisch

 M. B. Eng.
 Head of Purchasing, Management Representative (Quality Assurance, Occupational Safety and Environment)

After school, due to my technical interest, I first completed an apprenticeship as an IT systems electronics technician, followed by a degree in electrical engineering (specialising in communications engineering). In the course of my bachelor's thesis, I successfully worked on the topic "Conception and creation of an optical identification system" via a research project in an institute. Since I enjoyed the development work very much and wanted to use the opportunity to expand my conceptual knowledge, I stayed at the institute for a few more years after completing my bachelor's degree as a developer of hardware and software. In order to expand my knowledge, I completed my Master's degree in industrial engineering with a focus on supply chain management while working at the research institute in Hanover and was able to acquire valuable knowledge in various other areas during my studies. I then deliberately held a variety of positions in sales, claims management (automotive) and group purchasing management (automotive) before finally landing at Meyer Seals.

Since April 2021, I have been working at Meyer Seals as the Head of Purchasing and contribute my expertise from previous positions in order to further develop both the structures in purchasing and the suppliers. My team and I have already been able to achieve some great results in a short time, such as the targeted introduction of C-parts management systems, securing the quality of the supply chain or the general revision of the process and document landscape in purchasing. My technical background and my previous, versatile fields of application have given me a great advantage in achieving these goals.

During my time as Purchasing Manager, I was able to see and experience that the freedom for personal development at Meyer Seals is just as great as the opportunity for short-term implementation. In conjunction with my great team, who contribute good ideas and the motivation themselves, we all have opportunities to lead the company to success in cooperation with the different departments.

For me, Meyer Seals stands for customer orientation, teamwork and internationality, despite my short tenure with the company. There are certainly many other points that could be listed, but the three mentioned are the most incisive for me.

The slightly different questions:

  • What dream/desire would you definitely like to fulfil?
    If time allows, I would like to study geology again with a focus on volcanism and plate tectonics, because volcanism has fascinated me since I was a child.

  • What decision would you reverse if you had the choice?
    If I were allowed to make such a choice, I would probably want to change or reverse a few academic achievements during my adolescence.