Ulrich Behre

Managing Director
 Dipl.-Kaufmann (business degree)
 Controlling/ IT/Accounting, Organisational Development/HR, Supply Chain

My career is characterised by purposeful trial and error. This began with my banking apprenticeship in Bremen and subsequent business studies in Bamberg, Grenoble and Göttingen. After my studies, I was able to gain a wide range of experience by working for a management consultancy - and realised that I prefer to build and implement things in the long term.
I saw the position of Assistant to the Board of Management at CEWE in Oldenburg as a great opportunity to join a medium-sized company and after two years of varied projects focussing on France, I was able to take over the position of Head of Controlling.
Despite my strong affinity for numbers, however, I found that this task was fun but not completely fulfilling for me on a personal level. I was looking for a new challenge that would challenge my generalist skills in a holistic way and allow me to actively implement them - as well as enable me to continuously develop.
When I took on the role of Managing Director at Meyer Seals in 2004, I believe I found the perfect fit for me:
Exciting remit with great creative freedom in a globally operating company without corporate constraints.
Back then 130 employees, today 350 employees - and still a lot of growth potential.

Originally I wanted to do a PhD in Economic and Social History after graduation... but Meyer Seals also has a great history with over 140 years.

What makes Meyer Seals so special for me? Career and income opportunities with us are independent of educational attainment - performance is the key. Even during an apprenticeship at Meyer Seals, you can focus on your interests and take on responsibility. With this kind of lead time, we then try to create opportunities for subsequent employment directly in your desired department at an early stage - which usually works out. And after that, the Meyer (career) world is really open to you.

Furthermore, we see ourselves as a large team that is anchored locally despite our internationality.
Two company parties a year, an ‘International meal’ organised by colleagues, several teams in the Alfeld relay marathon, the free workout training opportunities and the extensive company health management, also with colleagues as scouts and providers of ideas, demonstrate an ‘active social community’. We also see our works council as an important advisor and mouthpiece for the team, without whom we would not be able to run the company so successfully.
The strong local roots are also reflected in the fact that the managing directors have lived in the region for many years. Even our shareholder regularly comes from southern Germany to Alfeld especially for the company Christmas party.

The slightly different questions:

  • If you could change one thing in the world: What would that be?
    Exchange the “complaining, whining, sense of entitlement towards third parties” of many people for “self-responsibility, commitment and gratitude”.

  • Which dream / wish would you absolutely like to fulfil?
    I already have a wonderful partner and a great son, but still plenty of room in my house for more family.