Uwe Stoll

 Senior HR Manager

After graduating from high school and completing my military service, I studied surveying at the University of Hanover from 1982 to 1989. After graduating as a graduate engineer, I worked for Bosch in the Navigation Systems Development division as a Software Developer, Project Manager and finally as departmental manager of Data Acquisition. As I realised that my interests lay not only in engineering while working as a departmental manager with the associated responsibility for personnel, I completed a part-time postgraduate course in Human Resources Management in 1999. In 2001, I switched to my new dream job as HR Manager at Tele-Info AG, before taking up my position as Senior HR Manager at Meyer Seals in 2007.

From the very beginning, I was fascinated by Meyer Seals' approach to filling vacancies, which is not to look for the perfect match of requirements and qualifications, but to look for people who fit into the company. Sometimes a position can be tailored to an interesting applicant. So I, too, have often been able to deal with interesting projects and tasks that are not necessarily to be found in modern Human Resources Management. Even today, my range of tasks is broad, which is why I still get a lot of pleasure from HR work, not least because of the complexity at Meyer Seals.

Another thing that sets Meyer Seals apart for me is that the company places great importance on healthy working conditions for its employees in the face of continuously increasing demands on efficiency and productivity. Their health-conscious behaviour is also of particular interest in this respect. In addition, Meyer Seals is repeatedly prepared to make high investments or incur costs that promote the health of its employees in the long term.

Die etwas anderen Fragen:

  • What places would you still like to visit in your life?
    I want to go to Hawaii again, because I've already been to New York and walked through San Francisco with ripped jeans. (RIP Udo Jürgens)

  • What decision would you reverse if you had the choice?
    I have not made a life-changing decision that I have had to regret. Maybe one or two things would have gone differently in my life, but whether this would have been better or worse in the end, I don't even want to know.