Flat hierarchies - short decision-making paths - holistic understanding

At Meyer Seals®, all departments work very closely together. We thrive on understanding the overall process and understanding of the needs of other departments that comes with that. Meyer Seals® as a whole is in the foreground. The departmental approach, as is the case in some large companies, is not desired and will be stopped immediately if it is perceived.

Due to the flat hierarchies, decision-making paths are also very short - accelerated even further by well-founded decision-making bases and recommendations for action from the individual team members. Appropriate suggestions can strongly influence decision-making and greatly motivate colleagues involved in the decision-making process.

Open and transparent communication and information culture

An open and transparent communication culture, especially between managers and their team, is particularly important to us.
New opportunities to identify potential and initiate improvements arise especially on the basis of any questions, suggestions or even controversial discussions between the different areas.
Living transparency and openness is thus an important basis for the further development of the company.

For us, problems are always about the matter at hand - not about people.
“We all make mistakes - and the biggest ones are basically still made by the management” (the ‘leverage of damage’ for wrong decisions is simply bigger).
Unpleasant things are also clearly addressed and then have to be clarified. Only this way can we solve tasks together and develop the company further. In addition, there is a great deal of mutual trust.

There is also very open and trusting communication at company level, especially with the works council. Every month, the works council receives the same amount of current business figures as the management team. Following the ‘Big management meeting’, which takes place every 3-4 months, there is also a comprehensive information event organised by the management and the HR department, at the end of which each individual works council member is directly addressed on open questions, suggestions or even tips. 

Company parties and celebrations

As a team, we can not only work very well together, but also celebrate at least as well together. Our annual Christmas party and summer party are absolute highlights in the company calendar!

Always useful occasions for informal exchanges and for getting to know colleagues from other shifts and departments. The joint meal and the subsequent party with a DJ always ensure a lively atmosphere and simply a lot of fun.  

The management is happy to be approached by anyone at such events, and the relaxed atmosphere allows one or two people to finally voice any concerns that are important to them. It is not uncommon for further development opportunities for colleagues to be identified in these discussions. Our shareholder usually doesn't miss the Christmas party either, despite travelling from southern Germany.