Development and opportunities

Individual further training opportunities

Meyer Seals® deliberately does not have a ready-made catalogue of training and education offers. Instead, individual training opportunities tailored to the individual are the order of the day with us. Whether in the form of in-service specialist training, personal development training or other individual further qualifications, many things are possible at Meyer Seals®.

The decisive factor is the intrinsic motivation of our employees. We therefore actively encourage our colleagues to choose the desired and goal-oriented further education themselves. Of course, our managers and the HR department also provide support in choosing the right training or course. For example, further training needs are also discussed and determined together in appraisal and feedback meetings.

Internal career opportunities

The career world of Meyer Seals® is open to people with ambition and drive as well as the will to want to make a difference and further develop themselves. We therefore attach great importance to the possibility of internal further development and qualification. Whether expert or management careers - we offer our employees a wide variety of options for shaping their personal career path.
Cross-divisional development is also not uncommon with us - and is often particularly appreciated because it broadens horizons.

Career paths such as from trainee to departmental manager or from shipping employee to salesperson? At Meyer Seals® you will find examples of this in many places.

In this context, new positions are often created for the individual development of a colleague, or new positions can be ‘tried out’ with a temporary right to return to ones old position.

Would you like to learn more about the opportunities available at Meyer Seals®? Discover more details about individual career paths and internal opportunities in the experience reports of our colleagues.

Job rotation

Are you fascinated by the possibility of working at different workplaces at regular intervals? In our production department, this approach is part of everyday life for our colleagues. In order to provide our team with flexibility in their deployment options, different activities and fields of deployment are learned right from the start. Continually switching between the individual areas also enables our employees to maintain their knowledge and skills. The ongoing opportunity for further qualification reinforces the team's enthusiasm for the job rotation concept.

In the administrative area, too, it is a welcome practice for our colleagues to support other departments at times. In these cases, individual tasks are usually taken over temporarily.

Hence, we place a great deal of emphasis on the qualification of our junior staff in different areas as early as the training stage. For example, our trainees are gladly included as holiday replacements and specifically requested by departments for extended deployment, often on a project basis.