Kevin Schwetje

Deputy Shift Supervisor


I began working for Meyer Seals in 2017 as a machine operator on a range of machines, for which I received successive training. As a result of this, my role has been extremely varied from the outset. After the training phase and once I had mastered operation of the machines, the next step was training as a calibrator. My tasks here are also highly diverse. For example, I am responsible for retooling machines, rectifying faults, and checking parameters. In my role as deputy shift leader, I also release production orders, which results in additional responsibility. I therefore consider the start of my career with Meyer Seals to have been very positive and I am satisfied that I can actively contribute to the success of the company.

What I appreciate most is the sense of “us” at Meyer Seals. There is an outstanding atmosphere of togetherness, whilst participating in the relay marathon also strengthens the team spirit across departments because we compete in mixed teams. Furthermore, the involvement of several teams gives colleagues the opportunity to experience friendly competition. That is why I like to compete in the event every year.

The company also offers its employees many additional benefits, such as the company pension scheme, membership of the gym, and various courses - for example about nutrition. Work clothes are provided and washed, which is beneficial because there is no requirement to take soiled clothes home.

However, Meyer Seals also offers good professional prospects. Be it through training or further education, the employee always receives support if they have a desire to better themselves. For example, I have been given the opportunity of completing a master craftsman’s diploma. My greatest highlight so far has been my promotion to deputy shift leader, despite my young age. I also enjoy the fact that I am respected and appreciated by my colleagues, which allows me to perform my role successfully.