Oliver Kruse

Technical Project Manager


Erfahrungsbericht Oliver Kruse

I have been working as a technical project manager at Meyer Seals since March 2012 and I was already familiar with how to implement and supervise technical projects from my previous job, which simplified the induction process considerably. However, the specific properties of the sealing inserts and the product diversity posed a major challenge. The longer I worked in the company and the more experience I gained, the more demanding the technical projects I supervised were. New products, production processes and techniques also constantly provided new and exciting challenges. The development of new machines for our product innovations is therefore always a central focus. In addition to the implementation of new processes, there have been and continue to be many opportunities at Meyer Seals to initiate optimisations, and in doing so to ensure that Meyer Seals can continue to produce billions of different sealing inserts in the future.

Personally, I enjoy the freedom that I have at Meyer Seals in implementing my projects despite the specifications and guidelines. This allows me to develop freely in my work. It is highly rewarding to develop new machines and to incorporate your own knowledge and experience. Each sealing insert has different specifications and technical requirements. I find the process of developing targeted solutions extremely satisfying. I also enjoy the variety and challenge that come with developing specific production processes based on specifications for widely diverse application areas, and then technically implementing them. I additionally work in project teams with many different people, which results in varied work. Furthermore, I find that I am extremely proud when I see machines that were developed in the project team at work in the production plant, and when we train the production employees on the new machinery.

In summary, Meyer Seals is a very fair employer that not only focuses on financial interests, but also cares about the well-being of its employees. The company does so, for example, through health management, free gym membership and the health bonus. If you are fit and healthy, and you are rewarded for this by your employer, there can only be winners.