Dirk Marahrens

Shift Supervisor


I began work at Meyer Seals in May 2002, as a machine operator on the cutting line. Just a few weeks later, I received my first further training on other machinery, such as the laminating systems. Around six months later, I was also trained on the extrusion line. Overall, I found the initial phase very straight forward because training plans exist for induction in the production department, so that all the important steps are taught and learned in a sensible sequence. This guarantees that you receive the best possible instruction on every machine. I was made a calibrator with shift supervisor responsibility in the Limmer punching shop at the start of 2016. Even in this role I was able to take on extensive responsibility and support my manager in a range of areas. I have been the shift leader of the laminating department and the punching shop in Limmer since 2018. In this position I now support colleagues in their personal development, which is something that I particularly enjoy. My career is therefore just one example of the many further development opportunities available in this company. With the right degree of commitment and ambition, it is always possible to develop yourself at Meyer Seals - even if you do not have the relevant previous vocational training.

Since starting work at Meyer Seals, I have developed a different understanding of my health through various added benefits such as the health pass and the health bonus. I try to live as healthily as possible to receive the full bonus. I have also taken advantage of the opportunity to lease an electric bicycle for myself and my wife. This allows me to do something good not only for myself and my health, but also for the environment. At Meyer Seals, emphasis is placed on environmentally aware behaviour, for example when it comes to waste separation in production or the use of 100% green electricity from renewable energies from 2021. The company also complies with the requirements of the EMAS certificate and is further committed to recycling processes for example, which is an area in which I - as a shift supervisor - can also have a positive influence on our environment.

What I also like about Meyer Seals is the positive development of the company itself - it is always moving forwards. The number of employees has doubled in the years that I have been with the company and there have not been the cutbacks seen in other companies. I enjoy the good working atmosphere among the colleagues and managers, because we are all equal here. That is one of the reasons why I was able to gain the promotion to shift leader.