Melanie Bock

Customer Service Manager


I started working at Meyer Seals in the sales department in June 2004. My years of work in this area and my commitment to both sales and the company resulted in my promotion to the position of internal sales manager in 2013. The responsibilities I had in this role included heading up the transformation of the department into a sales-active internal sales force. I have been Senior Sales Administrator since 2017, and I am responsible for various key accounts as well as diverse international territories, including a large part of the Asian market. Over the course of my career at Meyer Seals, I have been given the constant opportunity to take on increasing responsibilities and therefore professionally develop on an ongoing basis.

What makes Meyer Seals special to me is the company’s understanding and consideration for the personal life situation of its employees. It is for this reason that the company always addresses a justified desire for change and supports colleagues if their current situation or position no longer satisfies their requirements. This is clearly apparent from my own professional path. Meyer Seals also offers outstanding career opportunities and actively develops its employees, for example through language classes and training courses. For us in sales, languages are essential due to the international nature of our work. The internationally diverse team makes the role even more stimulating. We also enjoy flexible working hours and level hierarchies at Meyer Seals, which makes it possible to personally adapt the working day to a certain degree. If an individual has constructive ideas or recommendations for improvement, the managers are willing to accept these, and scrutinize and change their own behaviour if necessary.

What I enjoy most about my job at Meyer Seals is dealing with many different cultures within the company and through my contact with customers. The mutual trust and understanding that has developed over the years through close cooperation with customers mean communication often requires very few words. Teamwork here is also enriched by the different cultures.

At Meyer Seals, employees are given the opportunity to work independently and autonomously in many areas. Flexible working hours make it easier to attend personal appointments, whilst the employees always can openly address an aspect where there is room for improvement. My impression is that people have a strong sense of responsibility for their own workplace and therefore also towards the company.