Sabine Schote

Shipping Employee

Commercial Shipping

I began my training in industrial business administration at Meyer Seals in 1992, before working in shipping for several years. After completing further language training in English and then in Spanish, I moved to sales in 2000, because I developed an interest in this department during my training. Language skills are particularly important in this field, so I was very grateful to be able to further develop my knowledge in two languages. Highlights for me personally during this time were trips to customers, for example in the USA and Canada. After taking parental leave in 2013, I wanted to reduce my working hours. Since then, I have returned to work in commercial shipping, where I am responsible for air and sea freight. My role here is especially compatible with everyday family life. Furthermore, my experience from sales also helps me to manage my tasks well, because I still have many interfaces with this division.

The atmosphere at Meyer Seals is warm and welcoming, and everyone is very helpful. This also means company celebrations are good fun - events like the summer and Christmas parties, which I enjoy attending every year. Meyer Seals takes care of its employees and anyone who wishes to further develop themselves is supported in this by the company. The costs for further training are partially and often fully covered, which means that everyone who wants to develop can do so at Meyer Seals.

What I enjoy most about my job is that I am constantly facing new challenges, such as new customer orders that I then must find new transport routes for - as well as the associated forwarders. I also like the variety of tasks that come with my role. Support from my colleagues is often very helpful. However, I also have the freedom to work on my tasks independently and to develop strategies autonomously.

Meyer Seals also offers its employees many additional benefits, such as free gym membership or the option to lease an electric bike. Furthermore, the company does a great deal for the employees in the area of health management with opportunities such as participation in seminars on nutrition. The workplace itself is also adapted to the needs of the employees. For example, we all have the option of a height-adjustable desk, which allows us to work standing up if necessary. Meyer Seals is also committed to the environment: The company not only implements the EMAS certificate, it also makes sure that its employees are environmentally aware.