Simon Kühle

Head of Customer Service


I began my career at Meyer Seals in September 2009 as a trainee in purchasing and by December of the same year I had already signed my training contract as an industrial clerk commencing January 2010. After completing this training, I took on roles in the human resources department and in development. Looking back, I can only describe my decision to do an internship as a success, because it gave both the company and me personally the opportunity to get to know and evaluate each other better, which ultimately led to me being able to start my training at Meyer Seals.

In 2012, there was an urgent requirement for personnel in commercial shipping and so I decided to change departments, because I had very much enjoyed this area during my training and could be quickly reassigned here to take on an appropriate scope of tasks. I was offered the group leader position in this area after just a few months, which I accepted. In October 2015, I took the opportunity to move to production planning because I was attracted to the challenge of a new department that was connected to my previous department. I also took over the group leader position there in April 2016. Today, I am head of the Customer Service department, and my responsibilities therefore include looking after our customers, together with my team. A major advantage here is that I know exactly where the difficulties in cooperation lie - thanks to my experience in the work preparation department - and I am therefore able to start out from a completely different position than someone who has very little experience in other departments.

As you can see from my career path, I have been given and have taken the opportunity to profitably contribute my knowledge, experience and ideas in various areas and roles and have always been supported by a pleasant working atmosphere and appropriate further development opportunities; for example, training to become a "customs clearance specialist". Meyer Seals always offers opportunities for further training and development, and the company always listens when there is an understandable wish to change departments for reasons of personal development. As such, I consider the career opportunities at Meyer Seals to be flexible and exemplary.

I therefore think that versatility is what distinguishes Meyer Seals as a company. Level hierarchies not only offer opportunities to get involved and play a significant role in decision-making, but also to constantly take on new challenges and find the area that best suits you and your personal circumstances. In doing so, Meyer Seals tailors positions specifically to its employees and takes their personal strengths into account.