Freedom to structure work

If you like to get actively involved and make decisions, Meyer Seals® is the right place for you! With us, you don't move within rigid structures and simply work your way through, but have the opportunity to change things and ways of working and grow with the company. We build on the independence and intrinsic motivation of our colleagues. They usually know the requirements of their task, the necessities and possibilities best and can develop new routines and individual procedures on their own responsibility.

Flexible structuring of working time

A daily fixed working time is a framework within which many people have to operate.
At Meyer Seals®, on the other hand, the focus is on structuring one's own working time in such a way that all the important things are done at the end of the day. Flexibility is particularly important for this. There are always days when you need to finish an important project, send an important email or consult with colleagues urgently. Likewise, there are days when there is an important private appointment in the calendar that we have to reconcile with our working hours. At Meyer Seals® there are no rigid working hours for precisely these reasons, but rather the opportunity to help shape your own working hours.

Working on interdisciplinary projects

Interface functions are often key functions in companies. Without proper communication and close cooperation between different departments, smooth operations are often not possible. Meyer Seals® therefore attaches particular importance to close cooperation across all departments. For this reason, we enable motivated colleagues from a wide range of fields to lead, support and implement interdisciplinary projects - often a good opportunity to contribute their own ideas and further their personal development.